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Prayer Meeting: WEDS @ 630PM  •   Bible Study: WEDS @ 7PM  •   Sunday School: 930AM  •  Sunday Worship: 11AM 

Our Mission

First Baptist Church of Bridgeville exists to Evangelize the world for Jesus Christ by Equipping and Empowering disciples for whole life worship and graced-based relationships in our community and throughout the world through missions.

Our Vision

Our "Vision" at First Baptist Church of Bridgeville is to become a Five-fold Church Ministry of 
diversity, restoration, edification, relationships and transformation
of families where God's Word is faithfully taught and preached and fervent prayer is the norm and not the exception.

The vision must be as big as God's calling

God's calling always comes in connection to his plan for redeeming mankind. Think about the big dreamers in the Bible. Abraham was called to be a blessing to the nations. Not for political power, but to provide the family line for the savior of the world. Joseph had a dream that his entire family would bow down to him. God meant what happened to Joseph for the good of mankind; he preserved the royal line of Christ's family. Moses had the dream to lead the children of Israel out of bondage, not just to remove them from slavery, but for the ultimate redemption. Christ became our Passover Lamb. Paul was called to be a light to the Gentiles, not so he could build a global ministry, but so the Gospel would get to our ancestors.  So we would be saved. God calls our churches to the ministry of redemption, not merely run a variety of great programs.

If you're checking out First Baptist Church for the first time, prayerfully, you will see our core values! So, we invite you to come and take it all in for yourself. Join us this Sunday at 11 AM for praise and worship! This website should help you with many of the questions you may have as to who we are, what we believe and what we do. Thanks for visiting us and we hope to see you soon!​

As receivers of abundant Grace through Jesus Christ, we want to be generous givers of Grace by building human relationships characterized by health, honesty, acceptance, humility, sincerity, forgiveness and love to reach the people of a certain time and place. As Ambassadors and Disciples of Jesus Christ, God has privileged us to build bridges into a changing community.

At the corner of Bower Hill Road and McLaughlin Run Road, the First Baptist Church of Bridgeville has been a vibrant part of this community for over a hundred years. The church is especially well-noted for its musical events and all are welcome to any service.

Our praise and worship service follows a pattern, but we always leave room for the Holy Spirit to accomplish His work! As far as dress is concerned, some members dress in formal attire while some members dress in casual attire. A good suggestion is to simply dress with respect -- respect for yourself, respect for others, and respect for God! Hopefully, the following descriptions of our Praise and Worship Service bulletin items will give you an idea of the elements of our praise and worship service!

The Baptist Articles of Faith are the doctrinal statement of the Baptist church. Even though there are some minor modifications, almost all Baptist hold the Articles, as presented in this series, to be of foundational importance. These are in no wise a substitute for the written Word of God. Rather, they are an expression of those things we believe the Word of God to teach. 
The Baptist Articles of Faith should be read and reflected upon from time to time, as suggested by passages like Titus 3:8.

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